Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aiden y Miguel


E EVE said...

Pura vida!
You've had a lot of practice for this photo and look right at home with a new little brother. Glad to see you're holding on to him. Max will be happy to see this as well, taking full credit for you being well prepared. I hope everyone from BC is having a great time and improving the lives of those around you. Have fun, be great... Enrique

Anonymous said...

Miguel (second blog attempt...hope this works),
Pura vida!
Appears as if you've found a new little brother. You've had lots of practice with shoulder rides, so glad to see you holding onto Aiden. Max will be proud and know he's trained you well.
I hope everyone from BC is enjoying Costa Rica and making life better for those around you. Learn as much as possible. Have fun, be great... Pura vida, Enrique

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